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Former EA and Criterion developers are making an arcade racing game

Burnout meets Forza Horizon and Trackmania in Three Fields Entertainment's Wreckreation.

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The next game from the British developer, Three Fields Entertainment (which consists of various former EA and Criterion developers) has just been revealed as part of the THQ Nordic Digital Showcase.

Designed as an arcade racing game this title, called Wreckreation, seems to combine the broad open world of Forza Horizon with a customisation suite akin to that of Trackmania, and takedowns like what was first offered in Burnout 3: Takedown.


As we have been told in a press briefing ahead of the Showcase itself, Wreckreation will allow players to drive a variety of different cars and vehicles, from muscle cars to sports cars, to vans, and even construction machines like diggers and so on.

We were also told about the open world, which is said to be around 400 square miles in size, and is served up as an entire state that is split into four unique territories, with a total of 450km of road to explore - even though you don't need to stick to the tarmac to travel around the world.

As for you can get up to in Wreckreation, there will be races to partake in, billboards to find and smash, challenges to best, and even a customisation suite called Game DJ that allows players to drop ramps, track parts, even full tracks themselves into the world whenever they see fit. It's said that this will be a similar system to what Three Fields used to actually create the itself, and that it will be operated seamlessly with gameplay, meaning you can place a ramp and then jump in one almost instantaneous action.

The ability to interact with the world will also be present in the multiplayer portion, which will allow a few friends to dive into the same game world and to cause all kinds of havoc.

While THQ Nordic and Three Fields Entertainment has yet to announce an exact release date for the game yet, we are told that Wreckreation will at least be coming to PC.


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