Former England footballer Alex Scott will act as a Goal Commentator in FIFA 22

The former Arsenal right-back previously appeared as a player in FIFA 16 and 17.

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EA has confirmed that former England star Alex Scott will be making a return back to FIFA, but not in a way in which she has appeared previously. The 36-year-old pundit will be acting as a Goal Commentator in FIFA 22 after appearing as a player in both FIFA 16 and 17. Scott will be breaking new ground here as she will be the first English-speaking female broadcaster to ever feature in the series

"This is a big moment for FIFA, for football and women and girls across the world," said Alex Scott. "Representation is crucial and the inclusion of an English-speaking female commentator on FIFA is game-changing. The impact it will have is simply stratospheric. It's a big moment for me personally and professionally. It's an honour to be part of the FIFA gaming institution, alongside some of my brilliant presenting colleagues. Whilst I am the first English-speaking female broadcaster to feature in FIFA, I will certainly not be the last. I know this is just the start of stronger female footballing representation from EA SPORTS and the football community as a whole."

David Jackson, VP Brand EA SPORTS FIFA additionally said: "Alex is an inspirational voice in the world of football, as she continues to evolve her talent from the pitch to the studio. Authenticity and immersion are at the core of what makes FIFA special, so we're thrilled to include Alex's experience and insight in FIFA 22, as part of our English Language commentary team."


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