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Fortnite: Battle Royale - Top tips for surviving the new map

From Haunted Hills to Tilted Towers, there's a lot to consider.

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Fortnite's free-to-play standalone Battle Royale mode has just received a hefty update (V2.2.0), at the centre of which are big changes to the map, including new areas and design changes such as the colours of the map and visual tweaks. Here at Gamereactor we've been getting stuck into the new content, and here are seven top tips for surviving the new map when you jump in.

Tilted Towers is jam-packed

The main new location in this updated map is Tilted Towers, which as you might have guessed comprises of a lot of tall buildings and is the closest thing to a city that the map has. Because of this, and the fact that it's the most eye-catching new location, loads of players drop there right now, so if you'd rather get stuck in and have some slightly crazier gunfights to begin your round, this is for you, but if you want to steer clear of danger, we'd say don't drop there... at least not for the next few weeks.

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Use the Shifty Shafts mines to your advantage

Another cool new area is Shifty Shafts, which is pretty much an abandoned mining settlement. Sure there are buildings on the top with stuff in, but there are tunnels underneath as well, although you have to be very careful. Reduced visibility means there could be hostiles around every corner, but then again you could also use this terrain to your own advantage and spring surprise attacks on those foraging around down there. Also, it tends to get hot and heavy real quick when a gunfight kicks off, so you need to either commit or just hide in a corner until you have a chance to escape.

There's a lot of hiding places in Snobby Shores

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Snobby Shores is a cool new area not just because it's all modern, unlike the rest of the locations, but also because there's a ton of big houses in there. Not only do these reward you with loot, but there are also plenty of hiding places as a result too, although considering how neat and pristine all these houses look, it's easy to tell when they've been looted or scrapped for resources. Great for when you're scouting out the area, but not so good if you're the one that needs to mine the houses for wood.


Don't underestimate Haunted Hills

Although Haunted Hills might not look like much, this new graveyard area has a lot up its sleeve. For starters, the location means that not a lot of people drop there, especially since its small, but with a chest under the Church (most times) and the crypts there, you can find some tasty loot. Also, all these little buildings serve as good hiding places if trouble comes your way, and the nooks and crannies mean that cover is your friend here.

There's more to Junk Junction than you'd think

At first glance Junk Junction is a bit like the area we've already seen with the shipping containers; bland, but with a lot of cover and hiding places. There's more to it though, as once you've looted there you can go to the very edge of the map to a metal structure in the shape of a piñata, which contains items and a chest. Admittedly it's in the open, but at the very top corner of the map it shouldn't pose too much of a problem if you get there early doors.


Open space is now a bit more limited

If you're a Fortnite player who loves to dart between bushes and hide while others fight it out, things might get a bit trickier with this update, as that whole west side of the map that was once open fields is now full of structures, and all in all there's far less space between towns/locations. There are open areas admittedly, but getting around those vast open plains is a bit trickier now, and these kinds of players risk bumping into people more often. The east and northeast is preferable for these players now, so bear that in mind while jumping.

Use voice chat in the lobby when you need to

Another update that's come aside from the map is the ability to voice chat in lobbies before starting the round, which is great. Teamwork is important in Fortnite for survival in duos or squads, so make sure you talk to your team and get a strategy going before diving into the new and unfamiliar map. Where will you go? Will you play aggressively? What are each player's strengths? These are all questions you need to consider to make the most of your run.

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