Fortnite Chapter 4 has been released, Witcher-Geralt joins the fight

And various new gameplay elements have been added, alongside a new map debuting.

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On the fourth of December, Chapter Four of Fortnite was rolled out, and with it a whole host of news. Perhaps most notably, a brand new map, featuring both new and old from the Fortnite universe, including a sort of knight's castle called The Citadel. And what could be more fitting for one of the season's more anticipated characters, namely Geralt of Rivia, perhaps best known from CD Projekt Red's The Witcher games.

Gameplay news is the ability to "vault". This means that you don't have to actively jump over waist-high objects or obstacles like an old uncle anymore, but your character can now easily and smoothly scoot over them. In the spirit of mobility, motorcycles are also being introduced for the first time. These have room for two and can be used for drive-by shootings by both driver and passenger.

In addition, a new material called Kinetic Ore is introduced, which has "mystical effects" and can manipulate game physics. In addition, you can now also upgrade your weapons with Augments to, for example, speed up the time it takes to swap a magazine, and so on. Check out all the news here.


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