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Fortnite leaks suggest more tournaments are coming

Five of them, in fact.

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Fortnite is getting more and more involved with esports these days, especially since the Fall Skirmish is currently ongoing and offering players several chances to win, and now the Twitter account called Fortnite: Battle Royale Leaks has suggested way more are on the way.

The first is known as Tomato Temple and is a Duos competition in which you can score up to six points a match by eliminating multiple enemies and surviving. By scoring at least 20 points in a session you then get a "shiny pin", and this is running from October 28 to November 1.

Next up we have Salty Springs Cup which according to the leak is a solo tournament with the same format and prize as Tomato Temple, this time running from October 27 to 31. Then there's the Friday Night Fortnite for squads, except you have to earn 25 total points in a session here for the pin, and it takes place every Friday.

Number four is called Beta Tournament / Daily Trials, seeing Duos battle it out over three days of "tough Duo competition" from October 23 to 25. Last but not least we then have the Alpha Tournament / Daily Trials, which is probably a solo tournament (the leak isn't sure) and the first coming to the game, due to arrive tomorrow and run until October 21.

In their video for the Support-A-Creator program Epic teased a Tournaments tab coming to the game, and this is likely where these will appear if the leak is true. Are you glad to see more competitive action in the game?


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