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Fortnite's Dragon Ball crossover to start next week

The previous datamines and leaks have been proved correct.

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After a lengthy period of datamined information and leaks suggesting that Epic Games was working on bringing Dragon Ball to Fortnite as part of a crossover collaboration, the games company has finally confirmed that this will be happening and even announced when it'll all start.

Coming in the form of a teaser image on Twitter, it's been made clear that the crossover will start on August 16, when the next Fortnite update lands. While Epic Games has yet to specifically reveal what will be coming, previous datamined information has suggested that various Dragon Ball skins will be available, as will a series of challenges that relate to the iconic brand.

This all comes as the background image in Fortnite has also been updated to reflect that of Kame House from Dragon Ball, further once again teasing the crossover.


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