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Fortnite's in-game tournaments getting updated this month

New features like live in-game leaderboards are coming, with more changes on the horizon as part of Epic's long-term goals.

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Last year Epic introduced in-game tournaments to Fortnite for players at home to get involved, and now the developer has spoken on Reddit about changes coming to these systems, after over nine million players competed during the two-day qualifiers for Winter Royale alone.

This month a new tournament backend system is coming that will include features like "live in-game leaderboards during events, support for tournaments to take place across multiple knockout rounds, and allow us to create a richer variety of events to keep the experience fresh and exciting."

The post also adds that there will be less in-game tournaments early this month as this backend system is implemented, but that this will increase once all this is in place, including all the new features. The system will continue to be updated in the future to offer a varied selection of competitions while also improving integrity.

What would you like to see changed about tournaments in Fortnite?


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