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Fortnite's Naruto crossover is now live

And we've got a trailer showing off a few of the skins coming as part of the event.

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Last week, Epic Games set a date for when Fortnite would be getting its long-rumoured Naruto Shippuden crossover, with that date being today, November 16. Well, that very crossover event is now live and available to check out in-game in Fortnite, and to celebrate that Epic has released a short trailer showing off some of the skins available as part of it.


The crossover will be bringing Naruto as well as the three other members of Team 7 to Fortnite as outfits, each of which comes with a unique variant to flaunt in-game. But that's not all that's arrived, as a whole list of other cosmetics, including Back Bling, Gliders, Pickaxes, emotes and loading screens are available to grab, which includes a Kunai Pickaxe, a Pakkun Back Bling, and a Karuma Glider as highlights.

Then, if that's not enough Naruto to chew through already, players will be able to find Kakashi Hatake on the Island, and can also visit the Hidden Leaf Village in the Naruto-themed Creative hub.

Be sure to take a deeper look at the behemoth amount of cosmetic goodies in-game now, or at the blog post from Epic.


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