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Hello and welcome to the Gamereactor forum. Here you have the opportunity to talk to people with similar interests, regarding everything from games to movies and music.

In order to keep our forums a nice place for all our users, we advice you to read the rules first, and of course act accordingly when writing and replying to posts. Good luck on the message board - many friendships have been formed here.

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  1. Talk to and about others in a proper tone. Spam, advertisements, threats, curse words as well as degrading statements are not allowed. Abuse will result in a ban or complete exclusion from Gamereactor.
  2. Your posts must be relevant to the overall theme of the thread or forum, and when starting a new thread the headline must match the content. Abuse will result in forum ban or exclusion from Gamereactor.
  3. Posts mocking or hurting religious feelings, sexual orientations, or political stand points of others are not alloved. This applies no matter the reason, humorous or not. Posts containing liks to vira or other programs intended for hurting or exploiting the computers of others are not tolerated.Abuse will result in forum ban or exclusion from Gamereactor.
  4. Posts in favor of warez or pirate copying are not allowed. Abuse will result in forum ban or exclusion from Gamereactor. GameReactor maintains the right to delete posts and ban users violating any of these rules. Inquiries regarding a specific forum or banning must take place via e-mail to the responsible moderator of that forum.
  5. Gamereactor does not allow double accounts. It is against the rules to have more than one user affiliated with the same IP or e-mail address and can result in IP-ban.
  6. Think before posting. Help us keep the board clean and informative.

Apart from this, you may not:

  • -Promote to pirate copying.
  • -Have an offensive username.
  • -Have a username which can be mistaken as one from the editorial staff of Gamereactor.

Apart from this, you have to abide by the usual nettiquette. This means posting in the correct forums and refrain from offensive words.

Gamereactor maintains the right to warn users not following the rules. In extreme cases the user will be banned without warning. Further offenses can include contacting the authorities.

All links to external user surveys or questionaires will be deleted immediately, unless agreements have been made with the editorial staff ahead of publication.