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Bandits In Path Of Exile: How To Kill

Methods To Deal With Path of Exile Bandits

Here comes how to deal with bandits in Path of Exile, once you master this that means you have the key to acquiring massive PoE currency, and moreover, you even can sell it to those players who need that urgently. And of course, Eramir will certainly remember that.

It's common knowledge that every determination you take in Path of Exile, well, more or less shapes your character in different methods. According to the build you are pursuing, it could be pretty easy to take the wrong path and then, what's worse comes after, miss out on some pretty cool skills or some necessary bonuses. Like a perfect opportunity of getting numerous Path of Exile currency. The game's storyline is not decision-driven at all, however, there is one specific task that might influence your exile's progression with four quite different results. Over here, this guide will explain how to deal with the Bandits works, the selections you could make, as well as the rewards for each.

The Very First Issue Is: What Is Deal With The Bandits In Path Of Exile?

The fact is, deal with the Bandits in Path of Exile is a questline that happens in Act 2. After you successfully complete Through Sacred Ground, speaking to Eramir in the Forest Encampment will initiate the quest. If you happen to stumble upon one of the three bandits beforehand, well, you could talk to them instead to begin it.

And the premise is quite simple: Eramir will inform you of three bandits, and each located in one specific location, whom you will have to hunt down. The twist is that you could select to save any of them and then kill the remaining two, or you can just take all three down as you were asked.

And for the Path of Exile bandits, here comes their named and locations for you to check:

The First One Is Alira: You Can Find Her In The Western Forest

The Second One Is Kraityn: You Can Find Him In The Broken Bridge

Last But Not Least The Third One Is Oak: You Can Find Him In The Wetlands

As you can see that this is a mandatory quest in Path of Exile's early game, and it is quite important to know what you are now getting from each decision, just because the quest does not specify the rewards.

What Is The Best Choice Of Dealing With The Bandits In Path Of Exile?

Just as we mentioned above, there are four different outcomes to this quest. each with a quite specific reward. According to your selection, your character might end up gaining a permanent stat boost, however, the real issue is they all differ from one another. When you get close to them, then a menu will pop up on the screen, and asking you if you want to Save or Kill the bandit.

You could easily find the decisions list below:

The First One Is Save Alira: +15% elemental resistances, +20% to global critical strike multiplier, and 5 mana regenerated per second.

The Second One Is Save Kraityn: 3% chance to dodge attacks, 6% increased attack and cast speed, last but not least, 6% increased movement speed.

The Third One Is Save Oak: 2% additional physical damage reduction, 20% increase physical damage, and 1% of life regenerated per second.

Last But Not Least One; The Fourth One Is: 2 Passive Skills

As you can see the best choice of the four mainly depends on what you are searching for in terms of character progression. Alira's reward, you know, perfectly suits Intelligence-adjacent builds best, however, Oak and Kraityn are mainly concentrated on Strength and Dexterity, respectively. The caveat is that this decision takes place in Act 2, which is extremely early in the game. Unless you have a solid idea of how your character's resistances or overall stats will look once your build is finished in the late game, well, it might not be worth the trouble.

Selecting the two passive skills, however, really narrows down your possibilities. However, at the very same time, these are two extra points to spend on the massive passive skill tree. The resistances and stat buffs' values are not exactly game-changing, and the thing is, if you are an experienced player, you will already have gear or passive skills in your mind for your build that will present some similar or much greater results.

It's quite important to keep in mind that Path of Exile has a level cap, which implies that your passive skill points are not infinite. When you take that into consideration that you could also have additional nodes on the skill tree, two extra points sounds quite appealing, granting you the selection of selecting your very own stat increases.

If I Messed Up, Can I Change The Bandit Choice In Path Of Exile?

Of course, you could! As with everything in life, this has a cost that varies mainly relying on which decision you want to roll back to. And the following items could be sold to any vendor in towns across the whole game, and by doing so would grant you a Book of Reform:

The First One Is Alira Book of Reform: 20 Orb of Regret, Lapis Amulet

The Second One Is Kraityn Book of Reform: 20 Orb of Regret, Jade Amulet

The Third One Is Oak Book of Reform: 20 Orb of Regret, Amber Amulet

Last But Not Least One; The Fourth One Is: Kill All Bandits Book of Reform: 20 Orb of Regret, Onyx Amulet

And here come all there is to know about coping with the Bandits in Path of Exile! Be sure to keep this guide at hand while you are looking for the best build for yourself.

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Thanks for sharing this useful POE Guide. I am enjoying this game so far. Level 10 Templar. I like that POE is played with voice all the time. Each NPC has a vote. Good monsters and graphics. Let me say that the skill tree is a bit overwhelming at first. And when I started looking for information as to whether you would reach the end of the game with the wrong configuration, you might as well hang up! So following someone else's build is not really freedom of choice. But the game is just not rewarding, designed around boring chaos orbs farming in trade league.

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