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Diablo 4 loot deep-dive shows off Unique

Blizzard is talking about Diablo 4 again, this time mostly in detail. In the latest Diablo 4 Quarterly Update, Lead Game Designer Joe Shely gives a deep dive into weapon types, affixes for different Diablo 4 item categories, and the return of Uniques.

Different weapons of the same class now have unique speeds and stats, so wands are faster but less lethal than quarter-staff, and swords and maces should also feel distinct from each other.

Blizzard wants to make sure legendary items don't obsolete magic and rare items at higher levels. To do this, the developers are making individual affixes on magic items more powerful than on any other item and increasing the maximum number of affixes on rare items to five.

Additionally, legendary affixes will now roll randomly. Legendary items will have four affixes and one legendary affix, so they are basically rare items with a random legendary effect. Like regular affixes, the new legendary effects aren't limited to a single armor slot, so you have a lot more freedom to fine-tune your gear setup. Some legendary affixes are class specific, while others can be used by any class.

Also of note, Blizzard is removing Mythic items to make room for Uniques. "We still like the idea of ​​mythic items, but we don't want to create an item quality that invalidates all the others, so they're out for now. One of the things we liked the most about them was the promise to get random legendary items power up an item, so we made it part of our base legendary design,” Shely writes.

Unique items are "heavily themed" and come with fully static affixes and their own distinctive looks. A few examples that Blizzard is showing off in the update are the Plaguebringer's Kilt, Stormwalker's Cudgel, and Mad Wolf's Glee.

Finally, as he hinted in the latest dev update, the entire Ancestral/Demonic/Angelic power system is being canned. However, as with everything Blizzard reveals in its quarterly Diablo 4 updates, community feedback can always overrule a decision to remove or implement anything, so keep speaking your mind.

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