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How to Drop Items in Diablo 4

If you're new to the Diablo series with Diablo 4, there's a lot to learn. One core feature shared by most games in Blizzard's action role-playing game genre is an inventory system. The space in which you can "Tetris" items is very limited, and in Diablo 4 all the loot is constantly flying out of enemies, so you'll quickly run out of space. Here's how to organize your complete inventory, drop items, and throw items at your fellow party members in Diablo 4.

How to drop, sell and collect items in Diablo 4
After slaying demons and vacuuming up loot, Diablo 4 fills up your inventory quickly. There are several ways to manage your inventory.

Drop the item
The first and easiest way is to open the inventory with the "I" key, click and hold the item you want to delete, and simply drag it out of the inventory window. This allows you to drop it on the ground and leave it in the dust, making room for better gear, and if you're too lazy to use the trading feature, your party member Also helps to quickly drop items picked up by .

Sell your item
Gold is Diablo 4's core currency, and you'll always need it for many things. From buying from NPCs to crafting, you'll need a lot of diablo 4 gold while playing. If you don't need inventory space right away, fill your inventory with loot, then go to merchants around the world and interact with them. can be sold at Be careful not to accidentally sell something you want to keep.

Salvage the item
Salvaging Diablo 4 items is one of the most important ways to dispose of unwanted items. When you go to the blacksmith, you have the option to salvage all common, magical, or rare items. Alternatively, you can click the pickaxe icon to select and collect specific items in your inventory. The latter is recommended if you don't want to remove items left in your inventory. Salvaged items produce crafting materials such as ore and leather, and veils may also provide rare crafting materials such as crystals. These are important for crafting gear to boost your power later in the game.

That's all you need to know about managing your inventory in Diablo 4, specifically how to drop, sell, and salvage items. Now you know your options the next time you get 33 pairs of enemy boots!

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