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How to Get Baleful Fragments in Diablo 4

Baleful Fragments are a rare crafting material in Diablo 4. They are used to create Imprints, which are powerful modifiers that can be applied to weapons and armor. Imprints can provide a variety of benefits, such as increased damage, improved resistances, or new abilities.

The only way to get Baleful Fragments is by salvaging Legendary weapons. You can salvage a Legendary weapon at a Blacksmith in any of the towns or settlements. The item power of the Legendary weapon must be 400 or higher in order to receive Baleful Fragments. This means that you are unlikely to get Baleful Fragments until you reach the endgame content and get enough diablo 4 gold.

Methods for Farming Baleful Fragments:

There are a few methods that you can use to farm Baleful Fragments. These include:

Running dungeons and killing bosses: This is a good way to get Legendary weapons, and you will also get a chance to get Baleful Fragments when you salvage them.

Completing bounties: Bounties often reward you with Legendary weapons, and you can also get Baleful Fragments when you salvage them.

Killing Treasure Goblins: Treasure Goblins are small creatures that drop a variety of loot, including Legendary weapons. You can get Baleful Fragments when you salvage these weapons.

Tips for Farming Baleful Fragments:

Here are some additional tips for farming Baleful Fragments:

Join a public group: This will increase your chances of getting Legendary weapons, and you will also get a share of the Baleful Fragments that your teammates salvage.

Use a high-level Blacksmith: The higher the level of the Blacksmith, the more Baleful Fragments you will get when you salvage a Legendary weapon.

Salvage unwanted Legendary weapons: If you have any Legendary weapons that you don't want, you can salvage them to get Baleful Fragments.


Baleful Fragments are a valuable crafting material in Diablo 4. They can be used to create powerful Imprints that can significantly improve your character's performance. By following the tips in this guide, you can farm Baleful Fragments efficiently and get the most out of them. Do you want to learn more about Baleful Fragments or other crafting materials in Diablo 4? Check out our website for more information!

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