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Diablo 4: Everything You Need To Know Ab

Legion Events are a type of world event in Diablo 4 that are designed to be challenging and rewarding. They involve fighting waves of demons, culminating in a powerful Overlord. Legion Events can be found in all five regions of Sanctuary, and they are a great way to test your skills and earn some valuable loot.

How Legion Events Work

Legion Events start with a small group of demons appearing in a random location in a region. As players defeat these demons, more will spawn, and the event will progress through a series of waves. Each wave has a different type of demon, and the difficulty of the event will increase as you progress.

At the end of each wave, a Servant of Hell will spawn. Servants of Hell are powerful demons that are tougher than the regular demons that you will encounter in the event. Once you defeat a Servant of Hell, a new wave will begin.

The event will end when the final Servant of Hell is defeated. If you are successful, you will be rewarded with a variety of loot, including crafting materials, gems, and even legendary d4 items.

Tips for Success

There are a few things you can do to increase your chances of success in a Legion Event:

Bring a group of friends: Legion Events are designed to be challenging, so it is helpful to bring a group of friends with you. This will make it easier to defeat the waves of demons and the final Servant of Hell.

Use the environment to your advantage: The environment can be a valuable asset in a Legion Event. For example, you can use pillars to block the attacks of ranged demons, or you can use fire pits to deal damage to groups of enemies.

Pay attention to the timers: There are timers for each wave of the event. If you do not defeat the demons before the timer runs out, the event will fail.

Don't be afraid to retreat: If you are struggling with a Legion Event, don't be afraid to retreat. You can always come back later when you are a higher level and better equipped.


The rewards for completing a Legion Event are worth the effort. You will be rewarded with a variety of loot, including crafting materials, gems, and even legendary items. The rewards will vary depending on the difficulty of the event and the number of waves you complete.


Legion Events are a great way to test your skills, earn some valuable loot, and have some fun. If you are looking for a challenge, be sure to check out a Legion Event the next time you are playing Diablo 4.

Here are some additional tips for completing Legion Events:

Use crowd control abilities: Crowd control abilities can be very effective in Legion Events. They can help you to control the flow of the battle and prevent the demons from overwhelming you.

Focus on the Servants of Hell: The Servants of Hell are the most important enemies in a Legion Event. If you can focus your attacks on them, you will make the event much easier.

Be patient: Legion Events can be challenging, so it is important to be patient. Don't get discouraged if you fail a few times. Just keep practicing and you will eventually succeed.

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