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Founder of Games Done Quick steps down

But will likely be returning at some point in the future.

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Games Done Quick started yesterday and runs until the 15th. This event is known to raise a lot of money for charity with gamers finishing games very quickly, as the name suggests. Someone who will no longer be a part of all this, is Mike Uyama who founded GDQ in 2009. Now, after 13 years, he needs a break.

Mike Uyama feels he needs to put aside the responsibilities and have time for himself and his health, so now Matt Merkle will be taking over. But he's not going away forever. The community around GDQ means too much and he doesn't want to leave it completely behind, so when he feels he's done exhaling he wants to return in some capacity. He says to The Verge:

"So AGDQ 2023 marks my 13th year of GDQ. I've been at it for a long time, and I decided it's time for me to take a break. I realized that I need to take care of my health and kind of focus on different activities."

Founder of Games Done Quick steps down

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