Full Throttle: Remastered

Full Throttle: Remastered

The modernised point and click adventure still rolls like a charm.

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The nineties was the golden age of point and click adventures, and even though many associate this with games such as Monkey Island, LucasArts' talents reached far beyond that. One of their most successful and funniest titles was a biker themed adventure that went by the name of Full Throttle. And this is the latest game that's back for another bite at the apple, in the form of this remastered version which polishes the classic up for the enjoyment of old and new players alike.

Ben is the leader of a biker club known as the Polecats (played here by Roy Conrad), and he's attacked after he turns down a job offer. It gets worse for Ben, though, because he finds out that he has been framed for murder and the Polecats are in big trouble. Thus it's up to Ben to save himself and the Polecats. The rather interesting story is delivered effortlessly with the help of funny characters and plenty of good humour, and it takes about six hours to finish Full Throttle, making it somewhat short compared to other, similar games of the era. What's there, however, is packed with versatile puzzles and even little action scenes, so there aren't any dull moments or filler and the lucid game structure keeps the experience dynamic and enjoyable.

In addition to the top-notch story, the original game's audio-visual quality is also brilliant, especially when considered against its contemporaries. Full Throttle combines gorgeous 2D animated videos and 3D elements to create a great adventure game world reminiscent of the time it was created. Also, the game score has been enhanced with licensed music, for example, with music by the rock band Gone Jackals, a band who really knows what they're doing.

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Full Throttle: RemasteredFull Throttle: Remastered

The remastered edition includes a nice option that allows you to change between the old and the new visuals on the fly, simply pressing a button. Instead of a pile of pixels, the characters in the remastered version now look like they're straight out of a modern cartoon, and the backgrounds shine thanks to beautiful gradient colours. The visuals also seamlessly extend out on both sides in 16:9 ratio, since the original graphics were limited to the 4:3 aspect ratio, like all the games from that period. The original look is copied very accurately and the only deviation that caught our attention was in the motorcycle battle scenes. In these scenes, the tint and the background colours are very different compared to the original version, and since we played the game a lot back in the day, we might even say that we liked the original graphics better here.

There are a few options for the sounds in the game menu, as you can choose between classic, remastered, and auto-options. Since we wanted to experience the remastered version of the game, we enabled all the options as remastered, but we couldn't really tell how or why the audio switches between the original and remastered sound in auto mode. The grand rock riffs and electric guitar revs still sound very nice in the 5.1 mix, and the excellent voice acting was livelier than ever.

Full Throttle: Remastered
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The enhanced version also provides some help when it comes to solving the puzzles, and pressing Shift brings up all the items and playable areas in the scene that you can interact with. This option is particularly useful for first-time players, showing them how you can progress, and even though we finished the game several times over twenty years ago we used this function ourselves because some of the puzzles are still hard to figure out. The game doesn't let the player get stuck with unfair or impossible puzzles, however, but every problem has a clear and logical solution.

After decades, this classic adventure still holds its own in comparison with modern games, as the original story includes plenty of witty jokes and funny references, the characters have personalities that are emphasised some excellent voice work, and the timeless surroundings and classical core story elements make for an unforgettable adventure with entertaining puzzles that'll suit all tastes. Recreated with lots of heart and talent, the remastered version enhances this classic game while respecting the source material, meaning Full Throttle is now better than ever.

Full Throttle: Remastered
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8 / 10
Fun story, Characters are iconic, Awesome remaster (especially in terms of visuals).
Weird remastering of motorcycle battle scene colours, A bit short.
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