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League of Legends

Future League of Legends broadcasts to feature banner ads

Those watching various official League of Legends esports broadcasts will soon be able to spot ads directly on the Rift.

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Do you feel like you're missing out on tasty ads when watching esports? Would you want to see more ads in the future? No? Well no matter what you think, Riot Games is adding a new type of ad to future official League of Legends esports broadcasts, starting with the Summer Split broadcast. These will be featured as brand logos on banners on the Rift and the ads will only be visible to those watching the broadcast online, not for pros (as this could pose as a distraction in-game for those playing).

According to Riot, the new ad model offers a way for leagues to "experiment with unique approaches that will more deeply integrate our partners to engage local and regional fan bases", and the new model has been "designed to build a richer viewing experience around esports".

What do you think of this initiative?

League of Legends
Photo: Riot Games

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