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League of Legends

G2 Esports reveals full LEC roster

The team has re-signed many League of Legends players to new contracts, but there are also new faces on board this year.

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G2 Esports have revealed their official roster for the upcoming inaugural season of the League of Legends European Championship (LEC), with some old faces appearing alongside new signings to keep G2 as one of the most formidable sides in Europe.

Luka 'Perkz' Perkovic has signed a new three-year contract, as has Martin 'Wunder' Hansen, with Marcin 'Jankos' Jankowski also signing a new two-year deal. Simon 'Thebausffs' Hofverberg is also joining as a sub on a one-year contract, and these guys will be helped by new signings Mihael 'Mikyx' Mehle and of course ex-Fnatic star and Worlds finalist Rasmus 'Caps' Winther.

"One of our main goals going into the new season and the revamped European league, was to further strengthen our relationship with our existing lineup and continue our legacy of competitive success," said G2 Esports Head of Gaming Development Jamie Bach. "It is with great pleasure that we can announce that our existing core players in Perkz, Wunder and Jankos have shown their commitment towards our joint mission by signing new long-term contracts. In turn, we will continue to do everything in our power to support them on their journey towards our first LEC trophy and beyond. Also a big welcome to Simon aka 'Thebaus', who will be serving as our new substitute for the season!"

Is G2 still an intimidating team with this roster?

League of Legends
Photo: G2 Esports

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