Game On - Pressing Restart

We're changing our plans this summer. Here's everything you need to know.

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Since last we wrote to you about Game On, our summer program of gaming-related exclusives, a lot has happened. We envisioned this as a great opportunity for publishers and developers to talk to you via us about their upcoming projects in lieu of E3, which would normally happen around now but this year was cancelled due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

That being the case, several weeks ago we started the process of assembling a line-up of cool announcements and reveals, and for the most part, we've been successful. However, we've also struggled to lock down some of our plans during this final stretch due to ongoing events beyond our control where the Black Lives Matter movement has rightly dominated the conversation and changed everyone's priorities, something that has also prompted some introspection from us behind the scenes as we contemplate how best to show our solidarity with those affected by racism.

Ultimately, we've decided not to cancel Game On, but we are changing the plan. We're still going to share a number of exclusive interviews and features. We'll still cover the online events hosted by Microsoft, Sony, and all the major publishers such as EA and Ubisoft, and we'll still preview the most exciting games in the days and weeks ahead. However, what we won't be doing is trying to cram everything we've prepared for you into five short days.

Game On will run from now until the end of the summer, culminating in Gamescom at the end of August, and from now until then, we'll do our best to bring you a bit of escape from the harsh realities of the outside world, with new and exclusive content every single week about the games that bring us all together.

And so, the "event" part of Game On, such as it was, will make way for a more relaxed and prolonged summer of coverage here on Gamereactor. We hope you understand our decision and we look forward to spending the next few weeks sharing our work with you. Thanks.

Game On - Pressing Restart

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