Garry Newman has some advice for bored Rust players

"We're stuck in a ping pong loop."

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Rust is an MMO developed by Facepunch Studios, and studio head Garry Newman has taken to Reddit to share some views, some of which involve players claiming they are bored.

"I'm noticing a pattern, and we need to address it. It's something we need to get past as a community, not only because it's getting boring but because it has wider implications," he starts. "We're stuck in ping pong loop. We release an update, you love it for a month, you get bored, blame the system, b***h for a few months, then we release another update - and the same thing happens."

"My worry is that this is going to be a constant thing. We're not going to hit a point where you go - yep - don't change anything - keep it like it is. Because it's not that one particular system is much better than the other, it's just that one is fresher than the other."

Newman then goes on to make a "suggestion" for those players that aren't happy or tired of what the game has to offer. "If you're bored of the game then just stop playing it. But before you get angry about it consider whether we have given you enough entertainment over the last [three] years to justify pocketing your $20. I know this probably sounds pretty dismissive, but that's not how I want it to be. I'm trying to be pragmatic. If you're interested in the game, if you play regularly and still get enjoyment when you play - we're definitely interested to hear what you think. We especially love hearing your stories, watching your videos, seeing your screenshots and paintings - all things that this subreddit has been very low on."

"If we want to leave Early Access then breaking this loop has to be part of that plan. We have a pretty good idea on how to push forward with Rust, but none of it is going to make the game more appealing to people that have spent their last 1,000 hours hating it."

Attached with the post is a picture detailing a flow chart, in which Newman points out that players are currently on the "complain on Reddit" stage, with three paths labelled "wrong direction", "not listening", and "not professional" all leading to "appeasing devblog".

One user by the name of Arm-the-homeless gave a lengthy response to Newman's post, saying: "You guys are stuck in a ping pong loop because you took a lot of the great core gameplay elements that differentiated this game from others and f****d with them to the point where they're a shell of their former self. And when people say so, you just dismiss them, say "our numbers are fine, anything we do will make somebody unhappy, etc"."

"You guys have taken this crazy home invasion simulator that rewarded creativity and ingenuity and turned it into a gathering simulator with guns," the response continued. "Creativity and ingenuity are being snuffed out, grind is being increased, rewards are being reduced."

What do you think of Newman's comments? Justified, or dismissive?


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