Gen.G Esports are the Valorant Champions Tour Pacific League Kickoff victors

The first two teams have punched their ticket to Masters Madrid.

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The respective Valorant Champions Tour divisions around the world are currently still hosting and holding their Kickoff tournaments for the 2024 season, or at least the EMEA, Americas, and Chinese divisions are. The Pacific League concluded its Kickoff tournament over this past weekend, and with that being the case, two teams have already punched their tickets to the first Masters event of the season, which will be held in Madrid.

Gen.G Esports defeated Paper Rex in the grand final of the tournament, meaning the South Korean organisation has claimed the first tournament of the season.

Due to its efforts making it to the grand final, Paper Rex is joining Gen.G at Masters Madrid, meaning only six spots are left for the event, with two each going to the EMEA, Americas, and the Chinese leagues. We'll know who will be getting these spots in the coming days, with Masters Madrid planned for March 14 through 24.


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