Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact v1.2 update will bring 2 new characters and its first new map expansion

Bringing a whole list of new content, the update will be dropping on December 23.

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Genshin Impact is one of the most-talked about games in 2020, and despite being a bit controversial because of its similarities with the Legends of Zelda, it is undeniably popular globally.

Developer miHoYo held a special program onYoutube earlier and revealed some juicy details of the upcoming update v1.2.

For example, a new location called Dragonspine is going to be available, this is "an enormous mountain that holds the remains of the venomous dragon, Durin, who fell here after the battle with Dvalin." According to the official description, this is an unforgiving environment with "deep snow, sheer cold, poisonous blood, and monsters". Sounds challenging, but it should bring more fun as well.

Other than that, we also got to know that 2 more playable 5-star characters, Albedo and Ganyu, will be added to the game. Albedo is sword-using genius alchemist in Mondstadt; and Ganyu is half-human, half-Adeptus Cyro user with purple eyes and long blue hair, who serves as secretary at Yuehai Pavilion.

As for more details and other information, you can check the YouTube link above and watch the full video.

The update 1.2 will arrive on all platforms on December 23.

Genshin Impact

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