Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact's mobile version hit 17M downloads in less than a week

The massively popular RPG with MMO influences is a hit on mobile, with plans for a Switch release later this year.

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The RPG adventure from Shanghai based studio miHoYo has been proved to be really popular recently. The game has reached 17 million downloads across mobile platforms in just 4 days since release, according to the mobile performance analyst website App Annie.

Genshin Impact however is not just on iOS and Android, the game has also been released on PC and PS4 already. As for the Nintendo Switch version, it's planned to launch later this year.

Being described as "Zelda-inspired RPG with MMO influences", Genshin Impact does have a stunning visual style. It also supports 13 Text Languages and 4 Voice-Over Languages, offering varied options for players worldwide, which helps it expand its global audience.

Have you tried Genshin Impact yet? Which platform would you choose? Check the gameplay trailer below if you haven't.

Genshin Impact

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