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The Witcher (Netflix)

Geralt of Rivia Voice Actor Criticizes the Netflix Witcher Show

He's not happy with the deviations from the books either.

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The TV world got quite the shock earlier this year when it was announced that Henry Cavill would be stepping down from his role as Geralt of Rivia after The Witcher on Netflix's third season. While Cavill hasn't stated this outright, many believe his primary reason for leaving to be his dissatisfaction with the show's treatment of the source material.

In a new video, Geralt's voice actor for The Witcher games Doug Cockle has spoken out on Cavill's departure. He says that he "completely understands" Cavill's reasoning if it is to do with the book material being left out.

"The writers on the Netflix series have chosen for whatever reason to deviate quite severely from the books and the games," he went onto say. "Whether that's good or not is down to what you like. I personally don't understand the choice. I think that's why Henry's leaving. Liam, more power to him. I do not envy him. Big shoes to fill."

Whether Henry Cavill did leave The Witcher due to dissatisfaction with the story or not, fans will still be angry with the show due to it's relative abandoning of the source material. Now more than ever, the team working on The Witcher is fighting an uphill battle.

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The Witcher (Netflix)

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