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To celebrate Megadeth's "Sudden Death", the song especially composed for Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, and Soundgarden's "Black Rain", which also featured in the game, both being nominated for Grammy Awards, Activision are handing out a free MP3 version of the latter on it's Facebook page.

You'l have to be a fan of the page in question, so head on over there today and click on the 'Like' button. The Facebook page will update with details on how to claim the download, but according to Activision's press release:

"The free download begins Friday, 14th January, 2011, at 05:01 am GMT and ends Sunday, 16th January, 2011, at 16:59 pm GMT."

So, Soundgarden's "Black Rain". For free. MP3 download. This weekend only. Facebook. Got that?

Not a bad way to start the weekend.

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

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