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Get into the Forspoken spirit with an array of official clothing items

Jackets, T-shirts, badges and more are available to purchase.

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It's less than a week until Luminous Productions finally releases its RPG, Forspoken. The game will take players on a magical journey to the realm of Athia, where they will have to face monsters and save the land's people from the corrupting The Break that threatens their livelihood, all while playing as protagonist and New Yorker, Frey Holland.

With the game set to arrive on January 24, on both PC and PlayStation 5, a new set of clothing items relating to the title have been revealed. Spanning, T-shirts, jackets, sweaters, badges, and even a collectible coin, this array of items are designed and inspired by the upcoming video game.

Generally speaking, as you can see in the image below, each of the items are all themed around a black/grey with gold accents colour scheme, and as for when they will actually arrive, the PlayStation Store website notes that you can preorder each item today, but they will not ship until February 24 (or February 10 if you want a T-shirt).

If these are up your street, the store page can be found here.


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