Metro 2033

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Humble celebrate with a limited-time giveaway.

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Humble are celebrating the first birthday of their store by giving away copies of 4A Games' atmospheric first-person shooter, Metro 2033. The giveaway is available until November 8, 6pm GMT / 7pm CET, so you've a limited period of time to grab your free copy (and once claimed, you have until November 21 to redeem the code).

It's a nice touch from a company that, at the same time as making lots of money for charity, has also been offering a huge selection of bundles to suit all tastes, some of which have been very good (the last one - which runs for three more days - being a case in point).

Head over to the Humble Store now to claim your game and check out the rest of their wares. Happy birthday, Humble.

Metro 2033

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