Crusader Kings II

Get sick and die in the next Crusader Kings II expansion

Paradox details some sick new mechanics.

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As part of a dev diary released over on the Paradox forums early today, Paradox Interactive announced some interesting new mechanics for Crusader Kings II.

In the post the studio announced that a new set of features will be added in the, upcoming but as-yet unnamed DLC. Paradox stated they will be adding symptoms, diseases, and doctors (court physicians) into the game.

These operate as you might expect, a character becomes ill and shows signs of various symptoms which can either simply go away or could turn into a full blown disease. A doctor or 'court physician' is a title you can give a well-learned person, this makes them responsible for diagnosing and treating illnesses among your characters.

A full rundown of the these features is given in this forum post along with an in-depth example of the systems.

Sounds like the next expansion for the dynastic sandbox simulator is going to have a fatal edge to it, and we can't wait to find out more.

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