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Get up to speed with Inkulinati with our All You Need To Know video

Yaza Games' daft medieval strategy title launched into Early Access and as an Xbox Game Preview this week.

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Recently, developer Yaza Games launched its daft and bizarre medieval strategy game, Inkulinati as an Early Access title on PC and as an Xbox Game Preview on Xbox consoles. Asking players to take up the mantle of an Inkulinati scribe, this game sees you taking command of an army of doodles and drawings and requires you to use an array of tactics and strategy to overcome the opponent's artistic armies.

With a whole collection of weird and wonderful creatures and beasts to unlock and use to your advantage, alongside additional game-changing mechanics such as devastating Inkulinati abilities, there's a lot to learn and master in this game, which is why we've created a helpful All You Need To Know video to get you up to speed on the action.

Be sure to check out the video below, and also make sure to try out Inkulinati yourself on PC, Xbox One, or Xbox Series consoles right now, especially so as the title is available as part of the Game Pass library.


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