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Ghostrunner receives a brand-new roadmap and some Halloween-inspired cosmetics

A GOTY edition is planned to launch in December.

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One More Level's post-launch support for its cyberpunk-inspired slasher Ghostrunner has been excellent so far. Following its release, it has offered for free two new gameplay modes, a photo mode, and a next-gen enhanced version. This support isn't completely over yet, as a brand-new roadmap has been revealed detailing upcoming content.

Admittedly, the bulk of the content on the roadmap has already released, but there are still a few extras here to look forward to. Firstly, Ghostrunner is set to welcome in the holidays with some special paid DLC, but it's not clear what specific content will be included. Following this, in winter, an Ultimate DLC pack will release and so will a GOTY edition. This GOTY edition will supposedly compile together all paid DLC since its launch.

In addition to the roadmap, a spooky Halloween bundle has been released and it can be purchased for £4.69. This bundle contains six new spooky swords (four alien-inspired katanas, a pumpkin blade, and a ghostly Shroud blade), and a rather flashy pair of gloves. You can take a look at these new Halloween cosmetics in the trailer above.

"Ghostrunner continues to impress with its emphasis on breakneck speed and demand for finesse, but a huge draw for series' fans is the cyberpunk aesthetic," said Neil Ralley, 505 Games President. "The Halloween DLC adds to the game's style, and we hope our players enjoy it as they await the big news we have in store in the coming weeks, months, and maybe even years..."


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