Ghostwire Tokyo

Ghostwire Tokyo seems to be a lot worse for Xbox than PlayStation

Digital Foundry has dubbed the Xbox version a "big disappointment".

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Ghostwire Tokyo was a weird case when it came to PC and PlayStation 5 back in March last year, as there was no Xbox Series S/X version available, despite the fact that Microsoft owned both the developers at Tango Gameworks and the publisher Bethesda Softworks. The reason was that Sony signed an agreement with Bethesda before Microsoft's acquisition, and as a result, Ghostwire Tokyo only recently launched on Xbox Series S/X (and is also included with Game Pass). Many probably thought that a Microsoft-owned developer would put some extra love into the Xbox version because these players had to wait longer and because it is a game for their own ecosystem. That doesn't seem to be the case, however.

The tech-wizards at Digital Foundry have reviewed all versions, and it is clear that the PC edition still is the best, and that the Xbox versions are noticeably worse than the year-old one on PlayStation 5... which wasn't particularly impressive to begin with. Digital Foundry says:

"The PS5 simply runs Ghostwire Tokyo in substantially better form than [Xbox] Series X, which is definitely a disappointment considering how poorly the PS5 ran the title to begin with. Series S runs considerably worse than either of the higher-end console platforms."

After a thorough review of the game for both PlayStation and Xbox, they conclude:

"Ghostwire Tokyo on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S is a big disappointment. The key problems from the PS5 release haven't been fixed, so performance is inconsistent, input feels really sluggish, and there are a ridiculous number of visual options. And, on top of those common issues, frame rates tend to be substantially lower, and ray tracing quality is worse and suffers from visual glitches."

Whether Tango Gameworks will fix the Xbox versions with an update seems doubtful. Ghostwire Tokyo was never a big seller and after the success of Hi-Fi Rush, it's more likely that they'll put all their energy into new projects - which will probably be console exclusive to Xbox - instead.

Ghostwire Tokyo

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