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Go Fight Fantastic

Go Fight Fantastic offers 1-3 player hack n' slash

Check out the latest gameplay trailer for a visit to Bird Planet.

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Playing hack n' slash with friends tends to be almost automatically fun, and the upcoming Go Fight Fantastic seems to be a prime example of this. Here 1-3 players (both local and online) can join forces to save Bird Planet, which has seemingly fallen into deep trouble and your band of smugglers is the last hope.

Go Fight Fantastic also sports "a degree of randomized level composition" to keep the levels fresh every time you play them. There's also a Horde Mode planned and the selectable characters can all be upgraded and modified.

Check a brand new gameplay trailer out below ahead of the release later this year.

Go Fight FantasticGo Fight Fantastic
Go Fight FantasticGo Fight FantasticGo Fight Fantastic
Go Fight FantasticGo Fight Fantastic

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