Rambo: The Video Game

GR Live: We play Rambo: The Video Game today

We're livestreaming Teyon's and Reef Entertainment's candidate for worst game of the year.

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It may not be the best game of the year so far. In fact, it may be the worst one. Nevertheless, we think there's going to be plenty of opportunity for chuckles as we livestream Rambo: The Videogame on today's Gamereactor Live. Expect, on rails shooting, quick time events and awkward cutscenes aplenty.

The livestream kicks off at 3:00pm BST and lasts for two hours over on the Gamereactor Live page.

Rambo: The Video Game

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Rambo: The Video GameScore

Rambo: The Video Game

REVIEW. Written by Tobias Garsten

"There are virtually no redeeming features as John Rambo makes it over to the video game scene a few decades after his heydays."

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