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Dead Space Remake

Grab a Copy of Dead Space 2 By Pre-Ordering Dead Space remake

Only if you're getting the game through Steam, though.

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Those who pre-order Motive and EA's upcoming Dead Space remake through Valve's digital gaming marketplace Steam will receive a copy of Dead Space 2 for free when the former game releases on the 27th of January.

Pre-ordering a title is a bit of a controversial move, nowadays, as puts a lot of faith into a title and assumes that it will be totally playable upon release. However, by granting people another game as a pre-order bonus, it might just be enough to sway those who haven't yet committed to buying the Dead Space remake.

Currently, Dead Space 2 is around £18 on Steam, but with a sale you're likely going to be able to pick it up for much cheaper.

The Dead Space remake is one of the biggest games in January 2023, and with an enticing pre-order bonus like this, it could be even more popular than predicted.

Are you going to be taking advantage of this pre-order bonus? Let us know.

Dead Space Remake

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