Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto AI modder's project removed by Take-Two

The Sentient Streets mod would allow you to chat with NPCs.

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A Grand Theft Auto modder claims that they've had their work shut down by Take-Two. The modder is known as Bloc and in a new post on their YouTube channel, they explained that their project was no more due to an alleged take down from Take-Two.

Sentient Streets allowed players to chat with NPCs through their microphone. From cult members to cops, a player would experience different personalities and be able to respond to the player in a multitude of ways.

However, Bloc says that Rockstar's parent company Take-Two has removed their project, stating in the post on their YouTube channel that "Take-Two Interactive hit my channel with copyright strike about my video on GTA V mod and YouTube removed the video immediately without giving any chance to explain myself."

"The reason for this takedown shown by Take-Two Interactive to YouTube was because I used their software (GTA V) in the video. No one from Take-Two Interactive contacted and asked me anything prior to this, they just took down the video out of nowhere. Two days ago, my account on Netlify was also suspended. I used Netlify to host the installation guide for the mod. I contacted the claimant email address shown on YouTube (which was a Take-Two email address), hoping that there might be a small misunderstanding or that they could explain the reasoning behind it. Perhaps this occurred automatically, but the evidence suggests a deliberate manual DMCA takedown request from them. I also didn't get any response back. It looks like they are just attacking the mod from all fronts."

Bloc also hit out against Rockstar and the recent Red Dead Redemption port, saying: "Rather than chasing small mods, perhaps [Rockstar] should focus on creating proper remakes with better pricing policy or should stop removing cars from GTA Online to sell those same cars to people."

Grand Theft Auto V

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