Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto Online beta shows cut features

It's hard to believe that there was much cut content in this massive game, but there are a few things Rockstar left out.

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A new video shows a 10-year-old beta of Grand Theft Auto Online, giving us an insight into the early version of the game and some of the content that was later cut before the final release.

From the looks of things, we would have had a completely different UI in Grand Theft Auto Online, which would have been especially clear when levelling up. Also, two new gang contacts would have been added in Al Carter and Edgar Carlos, representing Lost MC and the LS Vagos respectively.

You also would have been able to call for gang backup if needed while roaming the streets of Los Santos, and you could have had up to five characters in different slots. When you did as well, there was a breakdown of who killed you, with what weapon, and so on. Nowadays, you probably wouldn't need that, as most of the deaths in GTA Online come from super mega lasers bought out by those willing to spend millions on shark cards.

Grand Theft Auto V

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