Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V nearly had a Trevor expansion

The DLC would have given Trevor the James Bond treatment.

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We already know that there were some interesting planned DLCs for Grand Theft Auto V before Rockstar decided to scrap them, but apparently one expansion had a good amount of work on it done before it was put in the bin.

Speaking in a recent livestream with fellow Grand Theft Auto V actor Ned Luke, Trevor's actor Steve Ogg revealed that Agent Trevor - an expansion that would have seen Trevor go all James Bond on us - was perhaps closer than we think to making it.

"Trevor was gonna be undercover - he works for the feds," Ogg said. "And we did shoot some of that stuff with 'James Bond Trevor' - he's still kind of a fuck up, but he's doing his best to pretend to be like [a secret agent]. We shot some stuff and then it just disappeared and [Rockstar] never did it, they never followed up on it."

Considering the success of Grand Theft Auto IV's single-player expansions, it does seem odd that Rockstar never went for something similar in Grand Theft Auto V, but instead we got a lot more content for Grand Theft Auto Online, so there's that.

Grand Theft Auto V

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