Gray Zone Warfare

Gray Zone Warfare is currently Steam's best-selling game

The extraction shooter is selling well, but it does seem unfinished.

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Early Access has proven profitable for many developers including Madfinger Games. Their newly released Gray Zone Warfare has made its way up the sales charts on Steam. The standard edition is in the number one spot right now and has been a highly anticipated game. It's a tactical shooter with exfiltration (in Unreal Engine 5) not unlike Escape from Tarkov, where the goal is to complete missions, collect items and escape the game world. The reviews on Steam suggest a very unfinished launch with poor performance, AI issues and team killing being rewarded but not being penalised. The developers have already announced an update to tackle these issues:

"We're diligently addressing various issues, such as anti-cheat measures and corrupted data, which may result in missing heads, apparel, or secure containers."

Hopefully it will be allowed to cook for a long time and be released in a good condition with the 1.0 release. We think it's great that the tactical and simulation shooter genre continues to grow.

Have you tried Gray Zone Warfare and what do you think of the game?

Gray Zone Warfare

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