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Grid Legends

Grid Legends' demolition derby DLC has launched

It's adding a new story, a bunch of new vehicles, plus a new game mode.

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Codemasters has now launched a brand new DLC for its racing title Grid Legends. Known as the Classic Car-Nage DLC, this is adding a new story-based multiplayer mode, as well as five new vehicles, all that can be used in a new game mode where the aim is to race but to also wreck opposing cars.

We're told that this DLC will see the return of Ncuti Gatwa's character who first appeared in the Driven to Glory story mode. As for how this new story experience will work, it's said that there will be eight story events set over four new tracks in two locations: Yokohama Docks and Havana. There will also be three new sponsored Career Events to experience.

"Classic Car-Nage brings the cathartic and fascinating destructive experience of demolition derby into the GRID Legends universe," said Steven Brand, associate creative director at Codemasters. "New routes with multiple crossovers and ramps ensure plenty of opportunities for pile-ups, and story mode objectives allow players to work on personal strategies to survive the events. I'm looking forward to joining folks online to cause some mayhem!"

As part of the update that is bringing the Classic Car-Nage DLC, Codemasters has also added the Team Fordzilla - P1 race car, which is entirely free for all players.

Check out the trailer for the Classic Car-Nage DLC below.

Grid Legends

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