Gris lands on PlayStation 4 tomorrow

After launching last year, Gris is emerging once again with several updates to make use of the PlayStation 4 hardware.

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Nomada Studio's Gris released at the end of last year, and almost exactly a year after its initial launch the developer has revealed that it's coming to PS4 on November 26, which is tomorrow.

The Devolver Digital game has had its visuals updated for this version, doubling and even quadrupling some of the resolutions so that those with PS4 Pro consoles can experience the 4K glory of Gris, which has already been praised for its style and artwork.

On top of that, Berlinist's score has been added back in with less compression as well, with some quality of life improvements topping this all off. We're even promised a "PlayStation-exclusive secret homage to one of our favourite games and an inspiration for Gris".

"On a more personal note, we would like to take a moment to express what an honour it is to share a platform with Thatgamecompany's Journey, a game than not only did we love when we played it on PlayStation 3 but that has also become a great inspiration during these last few years," Nomada writes.

You can get the game digitally, but Limited Run Games is also hosting physical copies for pre-order right now.

If you have yet to play Gris, make sure you check out our review from last year.

Will the PS4 version be your first time playing?


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