Grounded has big performance issues for PlayStation 5 and Switch

Neither resolution or frame rate are as good as they should be.

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A week ago, Grounded was released for both PlayStation 5 and Switch, thus becoming the third game from Microsoft themselves to be released to competing formats. However, the previous two were Pentiment and Hi-Fi Rush, which can be considered smaller titles, while Grounded is more demanding, and Digital Foundry has now checked out how the game works on Nintendo and Sony hardware - and is not impressed.

The game's poorer performance on Switch is perhaps not surprising given how much weaker the console is, and the resolution is dynamic, ranging from 360p-720p. In addition, many graphical details and effects are removed such as depth of field, light shafts and more. Despite this, Grounded for Switch is not able to run at 30 frames per second and it too often drops significantly.

However, the PlayStation is hardware-wise pretty much identical to the Xbox Series X, so it's more surprising that so much sacrifice has been made with this release. The PlayStation 5 version, for example, runs between 1080p-1215p compared to the significantly higher 1512p-4K of the Xbox Series X. Also noted is that the frame rate for the PlayStation 5 often dips to 50 frames per second compared to a steady 60 for the Xbox Series X, as well as aliasing issues. One small consolation, however, is that shadows are reportedly better on the PlayStation 5.

Check out the full rundown below, and lets hope Obsidian can sort this out so this quirky survival game can reach its full potential, something everyone would benefit from, as a bigger community is good for PC and Xbox as well.


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