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Dead Island: Riptide

GRTV: Evolving Dead Island

Deep Silver on flooded sequel.

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Deep Silver's Vincent Kummer gives us an introduction to the sequel to the popular tropical zombie paradise of Dead Island.

"We think the mixture that we had in Dead Island 1 was super successful with players, I mean there was the multiplayer, there was open world, there were RPG elements in there. This is definitely stuff that we took again and it's the centre of our new game. And then we developed this, so we're going to have new skills in there, there's going to be a new character in there, there's going to be new possibilities in multiplayer of communication and all that. We're definitely going to have the core and evolving that into the next level. And also there's going to be new gameplay features like you just saw, the hub defence where you actually have to take a place and secure it against waves and waves of attacking zombies."


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