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GRTV: Far Cry 3 multiplayer

We talk to Daniel Berlin.

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We caught up with multiplayer game designer Daniel Berlin at the recent Gamex convention in Stockholm to discuss the game mode Firestorm and the development of Far Cry 3.

"The initial idea was to make a game mode that was solely based on fire, cause fire was such a big thing in Far Cry 2, so we wanted to make a game mode that was all about fire in Far Cry 3."

"It is a multi staged game mode, meaning that two stages. First the ignition where you set things on fire and then in the end when everybody is fighting for the same node going for the radio."

"The fire spreads and cuts of pathways that was previously open, so now you have to go to the radio cause you're blocked in by fire so everybody just go in there. And I've seen some teams actually using some tactics being that they just sit back and let the other team go to the radio, and they're in there thinking they're getting it and drop down a psyche gas on them. Everybody goes crazy, friendly fire is turned on, everybody looks like a demon, friends, enemies, everyone looks the same, glowing eyes... the only thing that is needed when everybody is under the psyche gas is that one person fires the gun. Because then it's just like "oh shit, he shot", he might be an enemy and you shot him, and he shots him and it's like a domino so the entire team kills itself and then the other team just walks in takes the radio and wins the match."


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