Sacred 3

GRTV: Sacred Interview

Citadel and Sacred 3 at Gamescom.

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At this year's Gamescom, Bengt caught up with Deep Silver's Isaac Parakhen, who had plenty to say about the two new Sacred games due out next year. "Both are standalone games, both are all about action, all about co-op and about having a lot of fun," he told us.

Parakhen also told us what they're trying to achieve with Citadel, a side-scrolling fighter set in the Sacred universe: "We really want to open up the Sacred universe to a whole bunch of different people. We don't want it to be exclusive to guys who are just into hack n slash. So we're introducing a lot into Citadel: we're introducing them to the expressive combat that we're going to be having in both Citadel and Sacred 3, we're introducing them to a few RPG elements and drawing in a lot more arcade players and hopefully they'll be interested in Sacred 3 as well."

He also discussed the differences in art style between the two titles: "It is different, because we want both to be uniquely identifiable. But we've got a lot of carry over, we have the same cultures in Citadel as we have in Sacred 3. We want both to communicate the tone of the gameplay we're looking for, so Citadel, obviously, is a bit more stylised, more exaggerated, keeping in with the arcade feel that we want... with Sacred 3 we have a more realistic looking game, and it keeps in tone with the gameplay that we have."


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