GTA 2-inspired Glitchpunk is heading to Early Access on August 11

The top-down game will have eight hours of gameplay at launch.

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Daedalic Entertainment and Dark Lord have revealed that the cyberpunk-inspired top-down shooter Glitchpunk will launch into Steam's Early Access on August 11.

According to a press release that we received, the Early Access version will include eight hours of content, and its first major update will come three to four weeks later. A second city named Outpost Texas will arrive in the update and it will reportedly add 6-8 hours of additional content. Following on from this, two other cities known as Neo Tokyo and Moscow will be added before the full 1.0 release.

The game's description on Steam reads: "Inspired by classic top-down action games, Glitchpunk lets you brawl, shoot and drive your way through a dystopian future. As an android bounty hunter in a brutal world of gangs, cults and corporations there's plenty of work for you. Lock and load, let her rip!"


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