Grand Theft Auto VI

GTA VI footage appears to have leaked online

The in-development footage shows a female protagonist robbing stores and fighting cops.

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Many of us are looking forward to knowing more about Grand Theft Auto VI, and while Rockstar is still milking the success of the hugely popular GTA V, it's at least confirmed that the next instalment in the series is in development and that work is progressing on it.

The project had fared fairly well from various leaks, and while we've heard rumours of female characters and a Vice City-oriented game plan, the evidence proving so has been absent - at least until now.

For it seems that a major leak has taken place recently, and what appears to be development footage from the aforementioned action game has apparently made its way online for public viewing.

The leak spread quickly through various GTA forums and other social channels, and it appears to come from a user who has been linked to several other hack attacks and similar leaks. The footage itself shows, among other things, a female character along with a man robbing a restaurant, and the Miami-like aesthetic fits in well from previous data.

The fact that this is some kind of development material is then beyond doubt (the textures are poor and the screen is filled with various code commands), but the authenticity can certainly be questioned even if it feels far too ambitious for a simple joke.

Grand Theft Auto VI

Thanks, Kotaku.

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