Guilty Gear: Strive

Guilty Gear: Strive will use its delay to also release on PS5

A heavy vampire is ready to lick the blood from the edge of his katana when combat kicks off in early 2021.

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We learned in June that the tricky working conditions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic had delayed Arc System Works' latest fighter until next year, but now it's time to look on the bright side of things as Bandai Namco Entertainment confirmed that the devs over at ASW will use the extra time to also release Guilty Gear -Strive- on PlayStation 5.

The announcement came at the weekend, landing among the many news related to the genre coming from the Japanese Fighting Game Publishers Roundtable (such as Setsuka's debut on Soul Calibur VI just yesterday). Besides, after introducing Milita and Zato a month ago, and with the promise of more characters to be revealed at Gamescom later this month, the Guilty team took the chance to unveil Leo Whitefang and new fighter Nagoriyuki, a heavy vampire with a katana and a mechanical mask, as part of the roster. Their spectacular reveal trailer can be watched below.

Guilty Gear -Strive- will launch on PS5, PS4, and PC (digital download only) in early 2021.


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