Guitar Hero World Tour

Guitar Hero all week long

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This week we will stop at nothing to give you all the latest on Guitar Hero World Tour and the Guitar Hero franchise on GRTV. With six upcoming shows in five days, we promise to deliver all your Guitar Hero needs...

The schedule for the week is as follows:

Hands-on - Gamereactor's editors take Guitar Hero World Tour for a spin.
Backyard Babies - The Swedish rockers talk about their relationship with Guitar Hero, Games Convention and games in general.

Brian Bright - The director of Guitar Hero World Tour answers our questions.

In-depth presentation - All the details on the game (part 1)
Kai Huang - An interview with the co-founder and president of Red Octane on the franchise and the future.

In-depth presentation - All the details on the game (part 2)

Guitar Hero World Tour looks set to become one of the biggest launches ever in the video game industry this holiday season. And Gamereactor is the place for the most in-depth coverage...

Guitar Hero World Tour

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