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Guitar Hero Live

Guitar Hero Live fails to meet Activision's predictions

But Activision promises continued support as this will be only game this generation.

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In a recent conference call following a financial report Activision confirmed that Guitar Hero Live the reboot of the once all conquering Guitar Hero franchise had a "lower than expected performance". Now it is unknown what Activision's expectations were, but it is clear that the road to a rhythm revival is bumpy as both Guitar Hero Live and Rock Band 4 failed to live up to the expectations their respective publishers had.

But even if Activision were naturally disappointed, they reiterated their intention to keep pushing new content to Guitar Hero Live and reiterated that this will be the only game in the series released this generation.

"Next, Guitar Hero Live is a fun, high-quality game that introduced innovative new game play to fans, including the GHTV platform, which keeps our community engaged and will allow us to cost-effectively deliver new content and build our installed base. We plan to release new content, but not another full Guitar Hero console game this cycle." - Eric Hirshberg, Activision Publishing.

It should be noted that Activision and developer FreeStyle Games have kept a high pace with updates of GHTV since launch, and hopefully this will continue in spite of the title's failure to meet expectations.

Guitar Hero Live

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