Blade & Soul

Gunslinger class coming to Blade & Soul next week

And we have news of the next major expansion.

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Since Blade & Soul launched in January 2016, its amassed over four million registered players to date and has had 16 major updates with two new classes and two expansions. We can reveal the details on the third class coming on September 13, and the next expansion arriving this winter.

The Rise of the Gunslinger update brings the brand new Gunslinger class to the game, with a grappling hook and two specialisations; flame or shadow. Flame allows players to build up explosive rounds to utilise powerful abilities, while the shadow option means you can increase your dark light stacks until you achieve lightspeed and unleash enhanced versions of your abilities. Both specs can use the tombstone ability to go into overdrive too. It's perfect for players who like quick and stylish damage dealers with excellent mobility.

The update also introduces a revamp to the crafting system, the Tower of Memory event, Update Registration event, and the Fallen Aransu School with new raid content and legendary equipment.

Later this year, the full-sized expansion coming to the game will increase the level cap, add ultimate skills, bring new story content, and an expansive continent "loaded with quests, raids, and dungeons". Expect that sometime this winter.

Check out the trailer below and let us know how you're finding Blade & Soul nearly two years on in the comments.


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